The Board of Dental Examiners of Georgia was established to ensure that every dentist and dental hygienist practicing in this state meets minimum requirements for safe practice. The practice of these professions is a privilege granted by the State. The Board of Dental Examiners is responsible for licensure, monitoring and ensuring the safe practice of dentists and dental hygienists in their service to the people of Georgia.

The Georgia Board Of Dental Examiners oversees licensed individuals who provide dental services within the state. You can contact the board if you have questions or need to renew your Georgia dentist license. The state dental board also accepts complaints against licensed and unlicensed individuals, investigates allegations, and takes disciplinary actions for violations of law. The goal of the Georgia board of dentistry is to protect the oral health, safety and welfare of citizens.

We suggest to check out the state dental board website as they may now offer online services such as filing a complaint, to see if a licensee needs to renew a license or make a name or address change, to see if an applicant is seeking a permit or license or if a consumer is trying to find out information about an Georgia licensed dentist. You can visit their site online.


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Board Of Dentistry Office Location

Georgia Board Of Dental Examiners

Georgia Board Of Dentistry
2 Peachtree Street, NW
6th Floor

Board Of Dentistry Phone Number


866-888-1308 FAX

Board Of Dentistry Email Address

There currently is no e-mail address on file for this state board.


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