As the state’s professional association for dentists, the (VSDS) works diligently to enhance the oral health care environment in Vermont. We are here to serve our members, Vermonters, and our partners in oral health care, through advocacy, a variety of resources, and fostering collaboration. Vermont has been recognized as a leader in oral health care, and as a leader in overall health- and VSDS knows just how strong the ties are between oral health and overall health.

The VSDS is the voice of dentistry in the state of Vermont, and speaks out on issues at the legislative, policy, regulatory and public level. The society provides member and public resources, quality continuing education for its members, as well as an in house recruiting service.

The Vermont Dental Association is an organization of licensed dentists that works to promote oral health, represent interests of the dental profession and at the same time meet the needs of patients in Vermont. They provide resources to dentists at all stages of their career, including education, practice support, advocacy and protection.

If you are a dentist and seeking membership into the Vermont Dental Association, contact their office using the information below to find out all the requirements required for becoming a member of this state’s dental association and what benefits and resources they provide to members.

Find out about upcoming meetings and events, view their classified ads for a list of potential dental opportunities available in the private and public sectors.

You can also contact them to renew your current membership or browse any relevant information for individuals engaged in dental practice by visiting their site online.


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Vermont Dental Association

Vermont State Dental Society
1 Kennedy Drive Suite L3
South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Dental Association Phone Number


802-864-0116 (FAX)

Dental Association Email Address

You can email the association at Contact is Mr. Vaughn Collins.

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