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Each state has a dental association that is part of the ADA, American Dental Association.

State Dental Associations provide a valuable service to dentists and patients through the ready availability of information and providing resources that are useful for the health care professional and for the consumer of health care services.

It may be important for the consumer to realize that the State Dental Association may at times be in conflict or at odds with the State Dental Board over regulatory matters or consumer protection. While the State Dental Association does have consumer interests as part of its agenda and mission, it is generally a member driven organization that holds the interests of its dues paying members first and foremost.

Ultimately, the goal of the state dental association is to advance the dental profession at the state, local and national level.

In doing so, Continuing Education courses may be offered, as well as providing guidelines regarding the safe and effective practice of dentistry based upon the most recent scientific evidence.

If you are a dentist and are looking for membership into your state dental association, then select your state from the alphabetical drop down listing found in the Main Menu or from the listing below:



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